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Eric Thomas' TGIM changed my life

When you're serious about changing your life, you will do whatever it takes..... Eric Thomas' TGIM changed my life and helped get me sober! He didn't even know it until months later when I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and join Breathe University! I got the opportunity to tell him face to face, "Thank You for saving my life!”  Not only am I 10 months sober, but since I've been in BU, my character credit score has risen tremendously, my ability to self assess has increased, my work ethic has gone to a whole new level, I view everything as an opportunity not an obligation, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I gained the most AMAZING family that believes in me! You know what the best part is?? You can have all those things too!! Join our family and watch yourself grow in places you never thought were possible!