These videos are designed, in simple, FOR YOU! 

To help you reach your maximum potential and to bring all those buried goals to life. 

Eric Thomas started as a homeless, high school dropout, and is now a world-renowned motivational guru.


We heard you loud and clear and we're back with another Season of T.G.I.M. Listen to me carefully, information is good, but unless it's applied, it's just entertainment. I'm not asking you to implement everything you hear or read, but make sure you are always striving to be better. A better husband or wife, father or mother, employer or employee...Let's not accept the life we were given, but create the life we want!!!


This season focuses on making adjustments when faced with milestones. In this season you will learn how to create a ritual that will benefit you while in the process. You will also see that instructions are not included on your road map to success and there will be a few detours but in this season you will obtain tools to prevent going the longer route.



This season focuses on nothing will happen until you believe in yourself. You will see when you believe you are amazing, amazing things will begin to happen. Trust the process and keep fighting until you finish. So in this season you will learn how to dominate your lane and tune out others and distractions in order for you to get in a spot where you need to be.


This season focuses on the importance of your word. You will learn how your words have power, the words you write or speak can leave a huge impact to either a good or bad lasting memory. So within this season you will see you have to honor your craft and honor what you do in order to keep climbing the ladder.


This season focuses on your personal environment and how you need to surround yourself with positive vibes only. You will see that you only can control what you can control but within the process expect to win every day. Once you dream it, it shall come to pass. So within this season you will be stepping into the winning circle where you will win every day.



This season focuses on knowing your truth. You will see that winners win and losers lose, but in order for you to identify that you will need to know your core and have the mental toughness to realize. So within this season we will shed light to the truth behind your grind. And how to separate if you’re are average or rare, because you owe you to know the truth.



This season focuses on once you are at that next level but there is still need for improvement. In this season you will learn what exactly you need to prioritize once you are at that level. You’ve come too far to give up now, you will see at this level there are no days off. So get ready to keep climbing because iron sharpens iron.



This season is focuses on attacking your problems and how to get passed them. Within this season you will learn the necessary steps to overcome your fear so you can go to the next level. Greatness is not about talent it’s about effort, because talent can only take you so far and that is when you run into problems. So in this season you will obtain the right tools to get passed any problem that comes your way.


This season focuses on not being average but standing out. Average attracts average and your running out of time. It’s time to grind over the little stuff and you will learn how to be faithful over few. After this season you will be a step closer to your ultimate goal.


This season focuses on how to keep pushing when you’re tired. You can, you will, and you must get through it. Within this season you will learn how to overcome the mindset of giving up and any obstacle that comes your way.


This season focuses on figuring out what you want and discovering your gift. Within this season you will learn that impossible is nothing but you will have to act like it. Don’t be average you have to keep climbing, keep pushing, and you will go from great to phenomenal.


This season focuses on investing in yourself and being fully committed within the process. It’s time to stop playing and get to a spot where you win each and every day. This season will teach you how to act upon your hunger and put your foot on the gas to go full throttle. You have to SEE IT, SPEAK IT, and BEHAVE IT.


This season focuses on getting through the obstacles that come your way. But to accept the challenge and not to cheat yourself while in the process. You will learn to seize the moment and to live in the now, and to work on yourself to build your brand. So within this season it reminds you that without struggle you cannot be a diamond without pressure.


This season is about getting in position to pursue your goal. You are the captain of your own ship, so you will learn how to be accountable. Don’t make excuses make adjustments, you can only control what you can control. This season teaches you how to get locked in and into a zone, to where your work is going to begin to work for you.


This season focuses on moving forward no matter what may have happened in the past. It teaches you how to take that negative energy and push it towards your goals and dreams. You got to keep working at your craft, you are too close to quit, it’s time to finish strong.


This season focuses on seeing your environment in a positive way. It helps you learn how to speak things into existence while keeping it in perspective. But first everything must begin with you if you want to see change. This season teaches you how to maintain the right attitude during your transition and to trust the process.