Dr. Judy Touzin has served as an educator for the past 14 years. She began her career as
an elementary school teacher in the Harlem section of New York City in 2003. It was
that experience that helped to reaffirm her commitment to working in under resourced
and underserved communities. In 2009, Judy went on to found the East New York
Elementary School of Excellence, where she served as principal until July 2015. In her
experience as an elementary school teacher, principal and now coach for aspiring
principals, there has been one constant-her desire to help create affirming learning
environments for young men of color.

In August of 2016, Judy self-published her first book titled, ExceptionAL: Black Men Leading,
Living, and Loving to help counter the prevailing image and narrative concerning Black men and
boys in America. In February 2017, Ms. Touzin launched The ExceptionAL Project, an
extension of that book. The book and project are devoted to highlighting the positive stories,
images, and contributions of Black men and boys across the country. For more information about
The ExceptionAL Project, please visit www.theexceptionalproject.net.