Course Overview

Challenge your focus!  Too many of us define ourselves by “what” we do and not “who” we are.  What we do changes, but “who” we are is the bedrock (our DNA).  Living out our authentic self is what releases the GENIUS in us and attracts the world’s greatest resources.

ET has helped transform the lives of professional athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs globally.  Now he wants to help you!  This master course is designed to help transform your life and legacy in 8 weeks.

Course Objective: Maximize your life for greater results

  • Foster self-awareness and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and goals, enabling more deliberate and meaningful communication and actions.
  • Master execution and identify obstacles that keep you from being a “finisher” so you can capitalize on life-changing opportunities and meet and exceed your financial goals.
  • Define a plan for your professional life
  • Identify ways to find an optimal life-work balance
  • Detox from negative environments, situations, and people
  • Apply strategies for attracting positive, powerful, and influential people and opportunities
  • Explore ways to OWN your fear.
  • Develop relationship building strategies and identify your dream team
  • Learn to face and overcome adversity

Required Readings

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