This assessment provides detailed instructions on how to fill the gaps in your life and business while taking them both to a new level. 

In just 15 minutes you will be able to use this assessment to:

  • Learn EXACTLY HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE without assuming or guessing;
  • RECOGNIZE THE ANIMALS in your life;
  • Master HOW YOUR ANIMAL BEHAVIOR AFFECTS YOUR LIFE when you're stressed or frustrated;
  • Anticipate HOW THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU respond to critical items;
  • Stop apologizing for YOUR NATURAL STRENGTHS;
  • Get your team on the same sheet of music WITH ALL THE DIFFERENT ANIMALS!

Brief Animal Descriptions

How People Are Using The Assessment 

Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurs use the 4 Animals Assessment to fill gaps in their business. They make sure the right animals are performing the right tasks so things can be performed effectively.

Parents - Parents use the 4 Animals Assessment to understand their children better. As parents if you identify your child’s animal you can help them develop based on their animal and not by your standards.

Couples - Couples use the 4 Animals Assessment to understand their partners without guessing how their spouse may or may not react.